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P/N 64611P2AGP


The Paragon GL-64ADTS Glass Kiln

The kiln quickly pays for itself by producing large glass panels, curved windows, lampshades, or production loads of small pieces.

Spring-assisted lid is easy to lift

The massive lid is easy to lift with Paragon's patented LiteLid spring counter-balance, which does away with cumbersome pulleys and cords and dramatically reduces lid weight. Unlike pulleys and weights, the LiteLid is self-contained on the kiln. There is no need to drill holes in the ceiling for pulleys. The LiteLid sharply reduces wear between the lid and top rim of firebrick. The truss and floating lid allow expansion of the lid. The GL-64ADTS comes with three LiteLid assemblies. The lid is insulated with 1” ceramic fiber and 3” ceramic fiberboard. Replaceable heating elements mount in lid fiberboard grooves. The groove eliminates element pins since the element coils are wider than the groove opening.

Heavy duty case

2 1/2” insulating firebrick lines the walls and bottom. A welded 2" tubular steel frame reinforces the kiln for long life. We are so confident in the GL-64ADTS that we back it with a two year warranty.

Paragon’s GL-64ADTS is made for years of rigorous firing. A double heat shield and air gap between the kiln and ventilated switch box help keep electrical components cool for long, trouble-free service. Costly heavy-gauge nickel-plated copper wiring is covered with high temperature glass-braided insulation.


Industrial Heavy-Duty Relays are Standard

Heavy-duty Industrial quality relays provide reliable cycling, and have been measured effective into the millions of cycles.

Optional (Highly Recommended) Furniture Kit

Recommended furniture kit for the Paragon GL-64 series and equivalent sized kilns. Includes:

3 C-20 Shelves (20” square x 5/8”)

12 – 1/2” long, 1” wide Square Posts

3 lb. Glass Separator

Shipping size: 24” long x 24” wide x 9” high

Glass is fired in the kiln on a shelf. Coat the shelf with glass separator to prevent the glass from sticking to the shelf. Place short posts between the shelf and the kiln bottom to circulate heat around the shelf.

Paragon’s durable cordierite shelves resist warping and thermal shock. They are volume-stable.


Max. Temperature










TUV tested to CSA and UL Standard 499




IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns.





Disclaimer: The specifications above assume that the kiln will be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Local electric codes supersede our recommendations.

The pricing and electrical specifications for the above products reflect their design for use in the United States. The International versions of most models will have variations in electrical specifications and price due to consumer safety requirements or electrical regulations.


Kiln Type

Top Loading Square



Chamber Volume

13.00 CU.FT.
368.12 litres

Chamber Length

64.00 IN
1626 mm

Chamber Width

22.00 IN
559 mm

Chamber Depth

16.00 IN
406 mm

The Outer Size of the Kiln and the Shipping Size: Width = Left to Right; Depth = Front to Back; Height = Top to Bottom

Outer Size

76.00W x 28.00D x 40.00H Inches
1930W x 711D x 1016H mm

Ship Size

91.50W x 46.50D x 53.00H Inches
2324W x 1181D x 1346H mm

Ship Weight

1150.00 Lbs.
521.64 Kg.