Free Shipping Policy

Our "Free Shipping" policy on new kiln sales does have some exceptions you need to know before budgeting for your new purchase.  While the overwhelming majority of buyers fall into the "free shipping" category, there are exceptions.

Please note these exceptions only apply to New Kiln Purchases.  Parts ordered from our site ship as priced.

1) Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico -

The major exception would be that it does not apply to deliveries made to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.  We are sure that as a resident of those States/Territory you know that "it's just gonna cost more" than a standard delivery in the Lower 48 US States.

2)  Some areas of the US Northwest, Northern Central US, US Northeast, and the Florida Keys -

All kilns are shipped directly from Paragon Industries Manufacturing Plant in the Dallas, TX area.  Although located on major transportation routes, Dallas, TX is very far from the US Northeast, Northwest, and far South Florida.  Freight carriers add very high surcharges for almost all major metropolitan areas located in those regions.  And just the delivery mileage involved in shipping to States such as Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, parts of Northern California, Massachusetts, New York, and even into the Florida Keys, etc. can really add up with the current "Fuel Surcharges" tacked on by freight carriers these days.

3)  A place that "you just can't get to! -

Let's face it, there are just some locations (all over the US) so remote, and so hard to navigate that it eventually becomes impossible to find any freight carrier that will agree to make a delivery at any price.

In over 20 years as a Nationwide Discount Distributor, we have only seen it a handful of times.  But it does happen.  We will do our best to provide you with the best options available to arrange to pick up your shipment as close to you as possible.


If you live in any of these areas, please contact us by email or complete the form below to inquire as to "just how much" more it may add to the cost of a new kiln.  We will give you a firm quote of the Surcharge that we will need to add, and we can even email you an Invoice for the kiln and options you want to purchase that includes the additional freight surcharge. 

Please provide in your email the Delivery Address, a Telephone Number, and the model and options you need.  We will respond as quickly as possible with an Individual Quote.  Email us at

If you do order online before inquiring, and there is a delivery exception we will very quickly notify you, and work with your situation.

Many Thanks!

The Team