We have been made aware that some search results are showing many online merchants (us as well) as having many models "in stock," which is incorrect.  With very few exceptions (we stock SC Series Paragon Kilns), all kilns are built to order at the Paragon Industries Factory in Mesquite, TX, and all do have a projected lead time of two to six weeks from order to shipping, depending on the type, and Model of the kiln.

Paragon Industries has for a very long time, and proudly continues to offer the quickest lead times in the Kiln/Oven Industry.

But please be aware that lead times are just estimates.  Kilns are built by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.  Kiln building is a skill that is learned through experience.  If people have to be off work for physical, or personal reasons, their team can get behind.  And there is not a large skilled pool of kiln builders that can be drawn on to fill their place.  It can take weeks, if not months, for a new employee to become of real value in the building of a kiln.  It is a learned skill which takes much experience to master. 

When one particular model or series of kilns experiences high demand (sometimes unexpectedly) the team responsible for building that type, or series of kilns can get behind the projected lead times.  Situations with people, and demand are always changing, and Production management at Paragon does a good job of filling gaps, without letting qualify suffer for the sake of haste.

Actual lead times vary depending on model/series/etc.  The Paragon Factory posts on their website projected current lead times occasionally.  But as a major Paragon Distributor, we have eyes open all the time, and will be glad to share with potential buyers what we see actually happening day to day with our very large number of Factory orders.

Some of the posted lead times are much longer than we are actually seeing turnarounds, and some are a bit shorter than what we're actually seeing.  It's tricky business because of all of the variables involved to give a rock-solid lead time, but we gladly give our best advice, and honest opinion to any prospective buyer.

But again, "lead times" are only estimates.

Please complete the form below, letting us know which model(s) that you are interested in, and we will reply in a speedy fashion sharing our best estimation of what you should expect.

Thanks!  The USA Kiln Sales Team