After Your Purchase

Your purchase is greatly appreciated!

After you order a new Paragon Kiln, we will contact you either by email, or telephone.  We require a telephone number when you order, because we may need to visit with you one on one.  The contact will be to confirm that we have received your order, and give you an estimated date of shipping.

If your order happens to fall within one of the exceptions of our "Free Shipping" Policy, we will also contact you to visit about the best way to move forward to get your order to you.

Also, if you have ordered a kiln that must be shipped by truck, freight carriers require us to provide them a telephone number, so they can contact you about receiving your kiln.  They want to make sure someone will be at the destination to receive it when the kiln arrives. Your delivery may also require a truck with a lift-gate.  We will need to inform the shipper of this beforehand.

In some cases, we will need to speak with you to make certain that the kiln you ordered will operate properly on your electric service.  We will need to make certain that the voltage, and phase of your electric service matches up with the kiln that Paragon is manufacturing for you.  All Paragon kilns are built voltage, and phase specific.  We want to get this right!

You don't want to receive a kiln that doesn't work properly.  We surely don't want that either.

Thanks for shopping with us!  We truly look forward to hearing from you!

The Team