About Our Products

We exclusively offer Paragon Kilns, Parts, and Accessories, manufactured by Paragon Industries, Inc. in Mesquite, TX.  Over our many decades in business, we have explored other manufacturers products.  We always conclude that Paragon builds the most reliable, innovative, user friendly, safe, and cost effective products in the industry!

From their beginnings in 1948 to today, Paragon has been the Industry Leader in innovation, reliability, and customer service.  Paragon sets the bar high!

With over 4,000 kilns in 20 product lines, Paragon has the largest kiln selection in the industry to support your firing requirements.

Their products are safe, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Paragon cares about the environment.  Their Green Initiative lead them to switch electric providers to a company that harvests energy from Texas wind farms.  In 1997, they switched from oil-based spray paint to environmentally friendly high temperature water based paint.  In 2008 Paragon upgraded the lighting in the factory to reduce energy consumption. 

Since 2002, they have shredded scrap paper and cardboard to make “spaghetti” packing for kiln furniture kits and UPS shipments. They haven't bought petroleum-based packing peanuts in years. The only peanuts used are those recycled from shipments received from others.

Our satisfaction level as a partner Nationwide Discount Distributor has never been higher.  We conclude, "Why sell anything else?"  We hope you'll conclude, "Why buy anything else?"