VentMaster Kiln Vent by Orton (Free shipping)



If you already own a kiln, and want to vent it, the Orton VentMaster Kiln Vent is the Industry Standard.  It will require some effort to install it on an existing kiln.  Holes will have to be drilled in your kiln bottom, and you will need to have a 120V power supply handy.  The function of the vent is awesome, but it will take a little effort.  The discharge must be to the exterior of the building.  You will have to vent it to the exterior of your shop with a 4" flexible aluminum duct (like a clothes dryer vent), or a 4" PVC pipe. 

If you are adding the VentMaster Vent as an option on a new Kiln, the holes will be pre-drilled at the Paragon Factory.  The AOP option is also recommended, as it will provide the power for the vent, avoiding the need for a separate power supply.  The AOP also allows the user to program the Vent to turn on and off as desired for any particular firing.

The patented Orton VentMaster not only vents fumes but also improves firing results.

It pulls fresh oxygen into the kiln for brighter colors, especially noticeable with red and orange glazes and decals. Fire red and green glazes in the same load without glaze contamination. The Vent Master draws air from the kiln, dilutes it with room air, and pushes it outdoors through a vent hose.

The extra oxygen and increased air movement help burn carbon out of the clay, which helps eliminate a host of firing problems: bloating, dark patches in the clay, porcelain mildew, pinholes, pitting, blisters, and bubbles.

The Vent Master removes fumes containing volatile metals, fluorides and sulphur oxides. You can fire even lusters, decals, metallics, and pate-de-verre glass without strong odor.

The flow of fresh air helps even out the temperature throughout the kiln. The vent also extends the life of the Kiln Sitter tube assembly, since fumes by-pass the tube. You will enjoy the convenience of the Vent Master. Throughout the firing, keep the lid closed and peephole plugs inserted. You no longer need to remember to lower the hot lid from vented position.

The Vent Master increases firing time by about five minutes for firings up to cone 4; 12 minutes for firings from cone 4 to 10. It has little effect on maximum temperature. At 132 watts, electrical consumption of the Vent Master motor is only pennies per firing.

From the shut-off temperature down to 1000°F, the Vent Master has little effect on cooling time. From 1000°F to room temperature, it reduces cooling time by about two hours.

Approved for use in the 1992 Uniform Mechanical Code. UL/CSA approved for UL Listed kilns. ETL Listed, CE Certified. The VentMaster Vent has a Two year limited warranty.

The Vent Master requires a separate 120 volt wall plug unless your kiln is equipped with the AOP vent. (Vents that plug into the AOP of a 208 or 240 volt kiln must be the same voltage.)

A 3’ long 2” duct comes with each vent. The 2” duct runs between the collection cup and the blower motor. Use 4” aluminum dryer duct or 4” PVC pipe between the motor and the vent outlet. (Do not use vinyl dryer duct.)

Since the vent motor is away from the kiln, there is no vibration in the kiln, the motor is kept away from the heat of the kiln, and the fan is easy to clean. The Vent Master works with all Paragon kilns except the smallest tabletop models.


To request the Installation and Operation Manual for the Orton VentMaster please email your request to: