Power Control Box PCB-1

by Paragon Industries, Inc.


PCB-1 Power Control Box

The PCB-1 is an infinite control switch used to slow the Paragon QuikFire 6 and other small 120v kilns drawing under 15 amps. Slower firing is necessary for large, thick pieces. The PCB-1 simplifies enameling and fusing decals to ceramics or glass.

To operate, plug the PCB-1 into a 120 volt standard household outlet. Plug the QuikFire into the receptacle on the side of the PCB-1. Regulate the firing speed by adjusting the infinite switch. The lower the switch setting, the slower the kiln fires. A pilot light glows during operation.

The infinite switch regulates the firing speed by cycling the elements on and off. The lower the setting, the longer the elements stay turned off. The switch makes a clicking sound as it cycles the elements on and off. This sound is normal.

The PCB-1 comes with a one year warranty.  This item ships via FedEx.

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