Kiln Stand 24"x24"x18" (Free Shipping)

by Paragon Industries, Inc.

If you need a stand for a kiln you currently own, this is a heavy-duty, affordable option.

The stand has locking casters, a mounting bracket for the Orton Kiln Vent, and a greenware drying rack. You will enjoy the convenience of effortlessly moving the kiln out of the way when not in use.

For glass kilns, order this 18" tall stand.  For most ceramic kilns, order the 12" tall stand.

The stands include assembly instructions. The deluxe stand replaces the discontinued standard kiln stand.

 The discontinued stands had four legs, four horizontal side pieces across the top, and plastic feet. The new stand has two side frames, two shelves, and four locking casters. If you have a very large kiln, such as an Ovation, you will need two 12" tall stands..

 The new stands slide together with slots that line up the screw holes. To install an Orton Kiln Vent, slide the collection cup into the vent bracket. The new stand eliminates the need for the collection cup mounting bolt.

 Take advantage of the heat that radiates from the kiln. Load greenware on the lower shelf. Heat from the kiln will dry the ware and prepare it for the next firing. Save the time and expense of drying the ware inside the kiln.