MAX-119 (120 volt Multi-Use Kiln)

by Paragon Industries, Inc.

Uses:  China Painting    Crystalline Glazes    Decals    Dolls    Glass Casting    Glaze Testing    Low-Fire Ceramics    Porcelain and Stoneware   


The Max-119 is heavily insulated so you can fire to 2300°F on 120 volts, making this kiln ideal for glaze testing. Fire small ceramic projects, glass jewelry, clay beads, and china painting.

Glaze test kiln

Buy a Max-119 for your classroom. Students can make gifts in time for a birthday or holiday without waiting until the school’s large kiln is fired.

New teachers inherit bags of unlabeled clay. Many ceramic firings have been ruined because the clay was fired to the wrong temperature, which disappoints students. With a small kiln, you can test unlabeled clay.

Students can test glazes while they feel the momentum instead of waiting to fire them in the large kiln. A test kiln creates enthusiasm for a clay program. And a test kiln is relatively inexpensive. A glaze test kiln vastly increases students’ knowledge of glazes.

Heavily insulated

The walls are 4 1/2” thick! The 2 1/2” thick firebricks are backed with an extra 2” of block insulation between the firebricks and the stainless steel case. The lid is 3” thick, and the bottom is 4 1/2” thick.

The digital controller

The Sentry Xpress 3-key controller is packed with features. It includes Cone-Fire and Ramp-Hold modes. (Note: Ramp-Hold and Cone-Fire on the Sentry Xpress do not include some of the advanced features of the 12-key Sentry 2.0.)

Features of the Sentry Xpress 3-key Controller for Ceramic Kilns


  • Fire to a pyrometric cone by merely entering cone number and slow, medium or fast speed.
  • Program Review lets you check the program you are about to fire.
  • Program the Temperature Alarm to sound when the kiln reaches a specific temperature. Set the alarm to remind yourself to close a vented lid.
  • Design Ramp-Hold programs with up to 8 segments (steps).
  • Skip a segment in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
  • Hold (soak) the temperature in both Cone-Fire and Ramp-Hold. Experiment with Hold to improve color saturation of china paints.
  • Control both heating and cooling in Ramp-Hold.
  • Add Hold Time during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
  • Change the target temperature in Ramp-Hold during firing without having to stop the kiln to reprogram.
  • Temperature display throughout firing and cooling in your choice of °F or °C
  • Thermocouple Offset adjusts the thermocouple readout.
  • Set the Delay to turn on the kiln later to suit your schedule.
  • Error Messages report mechanical problems such as a disconnected thermocouple, stuck relay or broken element.
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • LED Lights show whether you are in program, review, or firing mode.
  • Colorful, illustrated instruction manual. Download it from the “Additional Information” section below to review these features in more detail.

    Features of the Max-119

    A heavy galvanized steel base covers the reversible brick bottom completely. It folds up under the stainless case on all sides to strengthen the firing chamber. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last.

    A kiln you won’t outgrow

    You will never outgrow a small kiln. If you later buy a larger kiln, continue to use the Max-119 for testing or small projects. Perfect a new design in the small kiln before running production quantities in the large kiln. A small test kiln is invaluable in solving ceramic glaze problems and perfecting difficult glazes such as crystallines.

    The Optional Furniture Kit

    The furniture kit consists of carefully selected fireclay shelves and posts for the Max-119.   The kit contains:

  • 1 Full Hexagonal Shelf

  • 1 1/2 Hex Shelf

    1" wide Square Posts, 3 each of - 1”, 2”, 3” lengths

    1 lb. Bag Kiln Wash

  • Optional colors at no extra charge

    Brighten your studio with color! Order your kiln in one of our standard colors at no extra charge . . . berry, black, blue, hot pink, jade, navy, purple, or turquoise.

  • Specifications

    Max. Temperature










    Breaker Size


    Circuit Copper Wire Size

    12 gauge

    TUV tested to CSA and UL Standard 499




    IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns.





    Nema Details

    Disclaimer: The specifications above assume that the kiln will be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Local electric codes supersede our recommendations.

    The pricing and electrical specifications for the above products reflect their design for use in the United States. The International versions of most models will have variations in electrical specifications and price due to consumer safety requirements or electrical regulations.


    Kiln Type

    Top Loading Round



    Understanding Chamber Measurements

    Chamber Volume

    0.56 CU.FT.
    15.86 litres

    Chamber Width

    11.00 IN
    279 mm

    Chamber Depth

    9.00 IN
    229 mm

    The Outer Size of the Kiln and the Shipping Size: Width = Left to Right; Depth = Front to Back; Height = Top to Bottom

    Outer Size

    22.00W x 24.00D x 32.50H Inches
    559W x 610D x 826H mm

    The external kiln height includes a 18" tall stand.

    Ship Size

    30.00W x 30.00D x 28.00H Inches
    762W x 762D x 711H mm

    Doorway Clearance Needed

    22.00 Inches
    558.80 mm

    Ship Method & Notations

    This Kiln Ships Via Truck




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